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Lyon Improv Fest 2020 May 2nd May9th

Lyon Improv Fest 2020 May 2nd May9th

  • L'Improvidence - Lyon

Welcome to the Lyon Improv Fest #3 edition

Diffusion, education and discovery: three words used by the organisers of Lyon’s Improv Festival to identify its aim. The festival is run by Improvidence, a theatre established to bring the genre of improvised drama to the Lyonnaise. Above all, the theatre wants to let as wide array of people as possible discover improv theatre and the intricacies of the art.

Last year’s festival attracted a variety of visitors – from avid theatre-goers to those who couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting in a theatre for hours watching a rendition of Macbeth.

Lyon Improv Fest is the perfect occasion to test out whether you’re suited to performing in, or just watching, improv theatre. What’s more… it’s all in English: very lucky for us anglophones in Lyon.